Manage4Print is a simple, flexible yet powerful cloud service that enables you as a partner for just that, to manage all the expectations your Customers have from you:

  • automated remote data collection - can be integrated with virtually any leading management tools on the market or even as a standalone solution
  • simple contract management - multiple subcontractors and vendors, customizable supplies management including original and compatible supplies
  • powerful reporting – daily status reports, monthly trend reports ranging from per device to per contract
  • integration – simple, yet powerful integration with your subcontractors through industry-standard document types and communication protocols such as xml and web services
  • high level security – enabled through user profiles and roles, and with secure SSL communication encryption your Customer data, all the transactions, reports are safely stored
  • flexible pricing – flexibility of a cloud service, use our services as much as you need and pay for as much as you use – not a penny more

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Data Collection

All necessary information about printing devices are collected which may be important for analysis, reporting and decision making, such as

  • asset data - device names, serial numbers, asset numbers and device locations
  • usage data - page counts, page type splits, supplies and maintenance kit status
  • device statuses - availability and downtimes, paper jams etc.

Analysis and Reporting

Powerful data warehouse engine provides you a tool to store all the gathered data and prepare it for analytics and reporting.

Built-in engine provides automated daily analysis of all collected data, preparing predefined reports such as supplies and maintenance kit consumption, list of supplies and maintenance kits within the replacement thresholds, orders status including an option to track individual packages.

Powerful reporting engine provides multilayered web reports and statistics from contract level down to the single printer statistics. Planning and day to day operations was never before as easy as a click of a mouse.

Through Manage4Print’s multi tiered security you can even provide your Customer easy access to customizable set of data, such as usage reports, trend reports, even printer statistics. Manage4Print can become your single point of communication with the Customer.


Weather you rely on your own delivery resources of you have one or more subcontractors, Manage4Print is here to help you manage your daily operations as smooth as you would hoped they can be managed.

Powerful analysis and reporting module helps us automate the supplies ordering and delivery processes to internal delivery teams or to third-party logistic partners. Automated or semi-automated ordering process can be set up based on your particular business requirements to send daily delivery orders to multiple subcontracting partners to different cities, regions, countries, well even continents.

Communication through all standard formats and protocols guarantees high level of security from data encryption, order delivery confirmation, to package tracking numbers and even custom email notifications to Customers setting their delivery expectations, thus reducing the number of supplies related calls to your help desk service.

Green Mission – Reducing the Footprint

In Cirrus Data we strongly believe in the green environment initiatives therefore it is one of our missions to help in reducing the carbon footprint an everyday printing operations make.

With automatically scheduled device data collection, smart analytics & reporting resulting with automated just-in-time supplies delivery we can guarantee to reduce the footprint to as much as 30% by focusing on the following areas:

  • reducing number of toners spent and unused toners leftovers
  • managing the empty toner boxes through recycling programs
  • reducing the paperwork for order processing from 5-6 paper documents per delivery to 1 printed document per contract
  • reducing the number of old, malfunctioning printing devices in Customers printing environment, through usage statistics and device status reports